Agromed Pte. Ltd.

Medgel Powder

Farmer needs a good quality binder which is stable, bio available, attractive enough to the shrimps, good nutritive value and convenient to handle. Considering such valid needs of the Aqua farmers Agromed has come up with a speciality cost-effective binder powder,enriched with antioxidant &digestive calcium,which enhances the moulting and recovery of the shrimps.

Benefits :

  • Ability to bind all form of feed supplements, prebiotics and additives
  • Organic, water stable and increases the bio availability of the feed supplements
  • Digestive calcium and Phosphorus helps healthy exoskeleton and fast recovery after moulting makes more healthy and better digestion
  • Balancing ideal Ca : P ration in feed for better growth and productivity.
  • Maximize production and optimise Food conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Special herbs helps to improve better pigmentation, digestion of fishes and shrimps

Composition :

  • Nutrient value per 20 ml:
  • Calcium : 325.60 mg
  • Phosphorus : 167.70 mg
  • Vitamin D3 : 1600 i.u.
  • Vitamin B12 : 20 mcg
  • Carotenoids : 200 mcg
  • Spirulina : 200 µg

Dosage :

  • 10 – 15 G / Kg feed (depending on the feed pellet size and quality)

Storage and caution

Keep in cool, dry and dark place