Agromed Pte. Ltd.


PROMED is an ultimate biotechnological innovative product. It contains a group of beneficial bacteria and natural specialty minerals. It helps in reduce build-up of excessive ammonia and converting ammonia to nitrites and then nitrites to nitrates by the way of special beneficial bacteria action. It helps in balancing pH at optimum level.

Benefits :

    The microorganisms used in this product are able to tolerate and are active at even high and low saline conditions. Benefits are as below:
  • Competitive exclusion
  • Outcompete pathogenic bacteria
  • Reduction of suspended organic matter
  • Reduce BOD & COD
  • Improve DO level and enhances productivity
  • Elimination of toxic gases i.e. NO2−, NH4, H2S
  • Improve benthic/sediment conditions
  • Encourage healthy phytoplankton bloom and stabilizes zooplankton populations in the pond
  • Provide alternative food source
  • Stabilize pond pH and maintain optimum alkalinity

Composition :

A probiotic blend containing multiple strains of bacterial spores that produce enzymes to enhance pond water and bottom quality for high Fish shrimp productivity specially selected strains of bacterial spores
  • Bacillus sp.&Pediococcus sp.
  • Cultured from aquatic environment as a natural source
  • Long shelf life and highly viable colony formation
  • Produces enzymes such as pectinase, protease, amylase, B-galactosidase, lipase and cellulase

Dosage :

  • 500 g to 1 Kg / Ha of average 1 meter water depth. (Repeat the application every 15 days)

Storage and caution

Keep in cool, dry and dark place