Agromed markets the most sought-after bio-technology products in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh since three decades. We also market an impressive array of Aquaculture products of the company in the South East Asian region.


Increased productivity

Being a responsible Aquaculture Healthcare Company, Agromed is committed to reduce Feed Conversion Ratio of Shrimp and Fish. Our researches in finding antibiotic alternatives has made the aqua-farming process more eco-friendly and aqua products have become more healthy and consumable without any health hazards. Above all increased survival rates with proper pond management and feed efficacy have ensured higher productivity leading to more profitability for farmers.


Agromed – Your Trusted Partner.

Agromed – Your Trusted Partner.

  • Supports Aquaculture by appropriate guidance and information.
  • Helps to make right decision to meet right situation.
  • Guides to formulate action plans
  • Helps to preserve health of aquaculture animals as per global protocol.
  • Formulates effective bio-molecules for sustainable Aquafarming.
  • Helps to prevent bacterial and fungal infections in several stages of farming.
  • Substitutes shortage of oxygen, calcium, vitamins, and micronutrients.
  • Eradicates toxic substances and deposition of organic loads in ponds