Agromed Pte. Ltd.


Good nutrition helps to maintain good health in aquaculture stocks. Careful attention to trace nutrient requirements such as vitamins and minerals can ensure good health and optimum performance. Recent research indicates that with chelated minerals (minerals bound to amino acids and peptides), less interaction between nutrients in the diet occurs and more minerals are absorbed. Therefore, fewer minerals are needed in the diet to effectively provide the amount needed by fish and shrimp. The promise of chelated minerals such as MinoMed is the ability to meet or surpass production goals previously seen in Indian and International Aquaculture. MinoMed are important in many aspects of fish and shrimp metabolism. It provides strength and rigidity to bones in fish and the exoskeleton of crustaceans. In body fluids, it is now involved with the maintenance of osmotic equilibrium with the aquatic environment and in the nervous and endocrine systems, enzymes regulation, pigmentations. It is also involved in the metabolic processes concerned with energy transport.

Benefits :

  • Balance the ration of essential minerals in pond water
  • Regularise the osmoregulation process
  • Maximize production and optimise Food conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Helps to grow planktons and useful microelements for fish and shrimps
  • Regulates pH of pond water
  • Develops immunity to fight against the harmful pathogen of shrimps and fishes
  • Helps for better digestibility and regulates the blood pH for higher enzymatic activity

Composition :

  • Essential micronutrients in a specialised form for sustainable aquaculture with a complex mixture of Sodium, Potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, pH regulators, growth promoters and essential Amino Acids.

Dosage :

  • For pond preparation : 25 Kgs / Acre
  • During culture : 10 Kgs / Acre 10 G / Kg feed for prevention in fish farming 15 G / Kg feed for treatment in fish farming