Agromed Pte. Ltd.


Organic, nutritionally rich primary and secondary micronutrients having the ability for highest dissolved macro molecules which have done several years of research. It is also fortified with specific nutrient for Photo and Zoo plankton enriched with enzyme precursors.

Benefits of Bloomed:

  • Organic, non-toxic, cost effective, eco-Friendly for sustainable and stable plankton bloom
  • Boosts beneficial soil microbe activity, leading to better soil structure, moisture retention and improved water coloration.
  • Active ingredient release more nutrients for plankton growth.
  • Helps in developing a healthy and stable plankton bloom which will enhance the better survival of the Post Larvae.

When Bloomed is highly required:

  • Poor Soil Nutrition
  • Poor Nutrient Management in the Pond System
  • Under Fertilization or Over fertilization with Inorganic Fertilizers
  • High Transparency of the Intake Water
  • Poor Soil Fertility and Lack of Nutritional Support

Dosage :

  • 10 Kg / Acre during pond preparation for two times and after that every 10 days 5 kg/Acre during culture upto 40 – 0 days. After that dosage can be adjusted as per the requirement. Kindly consult with our technical staff


  • 5 Kg Bag