Agromed Pte. Ltd.


Zeolite earth in crude form many types of crystals. Only micro crystalline alkali earth metal, Aluminiu Silicates are known as Zeolite. This is because the absorption of gases takes place through the surface area. Therefore only micro crystalline form of zeolite shall give desired results. Furthermore, zeolites having tetrahydra structure with maximum Calcium form are useful in Aquaculture. This is because Calcium ion is easily exchangeable with Ammonium ion. DeoMed is processed so that only refined micro crystalline forms high in Calcium and having tetrahydra structures are seived out to attain a very high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of 400-420 m.e/100gm.

Benefits :

  • Clears pond bottom
  • Equally effect in wide range of environmental parameters
  • Purifies pond water and deodorises toxic gases like NH3 and H2S
  • Helps to grow planktons and useful microelements for fish and shrimps
  • Increases dissolved oxygen (DO) capacity of pond water
  • Balances the essential oxidized minerals for sustainable growth of shrimps and fishes.
  • Economically viable in regular use

Composition :

  • Essential deodorising material and oxidizing Agents with natural origin

Dosage :

  • For pond preparation: 25 Kgs / Acre
  • During culture: 10 Kgs / Acre

Storage and cautionKeep

in cool and Dry place